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Structure and Activities



  • President – Boris Belotserkovsky
  • Board Chairman – Victor Vasiliev
  • Managing Director –  Galina Zamanova
  • Chief Accountant –  Anna Gorbenko


RNVA signed an agreement for legal advice of NVA and its members to support their activity. Cooperation with lawyer is carried out in the following fields of concern:

  1.   counseling of the Association members on the issues of legal regulation of vending activities;
  2.   providing NVA with information relating to the current legislation and changes in the effective RF law regulating automatic vending, comments, recommendations and guidelines in the said field;
  3.   study and analysis of arbitration and administrative (taxation) practices relevant to settlement of disputed issues in vending;
  4.   analysis of the necessity and grounds for creation of draft regulatory and legal acts targeted at governing complex relationship in vending.

The RNVA actively collaborates with the legislative bodies of the Russian Federation. For example, legislation on fiscalisation of vending comes into force in July 2018. All pay vending machines need to linked via telemetry to the tax authorities. The tax box can serve multiple machines. The vending machines do not have to print receipts. After the implementation the grey market will be eliminated, and operators re-focus on growth.

Each year the market study of russian vending market is carried out by RNVA and EVA . The studies are aimed at obtaining reliable information about the market and defining of its trends and developments based on results of ongoing yearly monitoring.

NVA supports the specialized exhibition VENDEXPO 2019 to be held March 25-27 in the CEC Expocentre, Moscow. This event is to boost vending in Russia and encourage development of our common mission.

NVA’s high priority purposes:

  • create and extend its information outreach through use of the Internet.
  • lobby amendments in the effective RF law in the part of automatic vending. 
  • attract attention of banks, investment, leasing and insurance companies to NVA’s activity and vending industry to allow faster development of the industry owing to their contribution.
  • involve more members to promote communication, experience exchange and participation in joint projects.