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RNVA at the Vending Paris 2015

In March, the RNVA delegation, led by its president Boris Belotserkovskiy, visited France to explore industry trends at the Vending Paris 2015 exhibition as well as to attend the European Vending Association (EVA) conference and partake in anniversary celebrations for the French national association NAVSA.

With the EVA support, Le Zapping du Snacking (Vending Trends Overview) conference took place geared towards the representatives from the leading national associations at the Paris exhibition. Erwin Wetzel, general director at EVA, Nicolas Bodilis-Réguer, President of NAVSA, and Boris Belotserkovskiy, President of RNVA, were the keynote speakers. These discussions attracted large active audiences. As proposed, the program focused on pressing issues within the vending industry: coffee vending operation beyond the emergence of new market players, mutual benefits of cooperation between vendors and popular coffee brands, developments in snack vending, introduction of touch screen technology and launch of the coffee corner concept, including the joint venture between Starbucks and Selecta, the largest European operator.

Presidents and members of national associations from France, Germany, Spain, Italy, England, Hungary, Russia and Poland attended the EVA meeting, coordinated by the RNVA President. Fiscalization and allergens labeling are common points of concern for all participants.

For example, Hungary enacted a law requiring all vending machines to be equipped with particular fiscal registrars worth $400 each. The law goes in effect on January 1, 2016 and there is a mandatory equipment registration procedure costing an additional $100.

The German government has begun exploring vending machine fiscalization about a year ago. Since the beginning of 2015, the German Association actively cooperates with authorities to provide its input.

This summer Italy is expected to finalize its vending machine fiscalization policy. CONFIDA introduced their own solution: flash drives that can regularly collect data and submit it to proper authorities. Project deliberation is pending.

The PSV team reported that a Polish company was allegedly actively developing an online fiscalizator with an aim to lobby its use all across Europe once the product is ready for usage.

For now, other countries refrained from commentary. However, all participants of the meeting in Paris realize that regardless of technicalities of any fiscalization solution, its inevitable implementation will be a burdensome process for the industry.

Allergen labeling was another topic of great interest at the conference. At this point, signed legislature in all EVA member states, except Russia, requires each vending machine to display information about calories count, presence of gluten or lactose as well as other dietary information.

During the exhibition, the French National Association of Automated Vending and Services (NAVSA) organized a gala reception to commemorate its 60th anniversary. More than 300 guests from France and other national associations in Europe gathered to celebrate the occasion and socialize among peers. This September the Russian Association will mark its tenth anniversary and President Boris Belotserkovskiy personally congratulated the NAVSA team in Paris noting their contribution to development of EVA and European vending industry in general.

“Protecting the interests of its members, creating a favorable economic and legal environment for vending market development, lobbying for the industry-wide code of ethics… We have a lot to learn from our colleagues,” stated Boris Belotserkovskiy.

VendExpo Russia invites companies to join the vending technologies and self-service systems Expo on 11-13 March 2015 in Moscow.
VendExpo 2015 will focus on presenting more innovative technologies for the vending and automated service industry, as well as the launch of a new section dedicated to 3D technologies. An International Forum “Vending and automated service: trends and innovations” will cover most current hot topics of the industry, with the EVA participating.

67 companies from 11 countries took part in VendExpo 2014 presenting 113 international brands, with 4476 professionals from 29 countries visiting the exhibition. The overwhelming majority of visitors are decision makers - 54% of entrepreneurs visit VendExpo in order to find new partners and suppliers, and in fact 38% intend to start a vending business within the immediate future.

We would like to remind you therefore that the 9th International vending technologies and automated service exhibition will take place in Moscow Russia on 11-13 March 2015 and there are a few places available.

For more information, please, contact Victoria Kazakova


From 7 to 10 May 2014, pavilions 2 and 4 at Fieramilanocity, will host the 9th Venditalia edition, the benchmark fair for automatic food and drink vending and a must-visit for all specialist operators wanting


Exhibition profile

Venditalia is the most important international event in the automatic vending sector, eagerly awaited by all the main players on the world vending market as a chance to discover the most innovative technological solutions and new food products for “eating out”.


Here manufacturers and producers meet with managers to do business, share knowhow and promote innovation, creating a huge professional community.


For just a few days market players will all be under the same roof at Venditalia - a concentration of objectives such as: projection of corporate image, presentation of strategies, meeting up with clients, product presentation, market feedback and sales support.

Post-release VendExpo 2014

International exhibition of vending technologies and automated service VendExpo was held for the 8th time on March 19-21, 2014 in “Expocentre” on Krasnaya Presnya, Moscow. 67 companies from 11 countries took part in the exhibition and presented 113 leading brands in vending industry and payment solutions. Over 4300 professionals visited VendExpo.

«Vending business in Russia is at the active stage of development, - comments Ekaterina Soyak, Director General to EMTG company, organizer of the Exhibition. – This exhibition showed that quantity of Russian manufactures of vending equipment and software designers is growing. Foreign companies keep their interest in the Russian market. And there are more and more Russian entrepreneurs interested in starting vending business”.

Besides traditional vending machines with coffee, snacks and water, exhibitors presented:

  • Hot food selling machines
  • Vitamin cocktails automates
  • Terminals issuing credit cards, cash credits, registration of car insurance certificates
  • WINCUP® solution for vending machines
  • Innovative payment systems
  • Large range of ingredients for vending machines
  • New software
  • Contemporary solutions for street vending
  • etc.

The largest Russian and international operators and manufactures of vending machines and equipment took part in the exhibition: “Siba-Vending”, “Professionalnye & Torgovye Avtomaty”, “Vavilon Vending”, Satro, Jofemar, JCM Global, Crane Payment Solutions, Seven Group, TSI, Sielaff and many others. For the first time companies from Chine, Japan, Netherlands and Czech Republic took part in VendExpo. Among them there were Laxton, Animo, Dydo, Robocopy, CREATOR (CHINA) TECH CO. LTD and others.

The exhibition was accompanied by business forum “Vending in Russia. Perspectives for Small and Medium Business in Russia”. Over 900 entrepreneurs and specialists visited round-tables and seminars of the Forum devoted to different aspects of vending business, such as: “Secrets of Network Vending”, “Vending Accounting Automation: When is it Time to Think About it?”, “Russian and International Vending: Factors Influencing Vending Development” and etc. Over 15 top Russian and international specialists performed at Forum. For instance: Boris Belotserkovskiy, President of the National Vending Association (NVA); Gillian White, European Vending Association (EVA) member; Patrick de Vries, regional manager of Animo B.V.; Sergey Kornienko, CEO of UVENCO holding and many others.

The only one in Russia professional competition “Best Vending Beverage” (BVB-2014) was held on March 20. The Contest was organized by EMTG Company in association with “Rusteacoffee”. By the results of independent organoleptic expertise by experts of the Central Industry Taste Panel of The Rusteacoffee Association such companies as KAFITA, Almafood, Vavilon Vending and UNICUM became the winners in different categories.

VendExpo 2014 was attended by 4476 entrepreneurs, manufacturers and managers from shopping malls and business centers from all regions of Russia and 28 other countries.

Next VendExpo will take place on March, 2015

VendExpo-Russia 2014 main figures and facts:

  • 67 exhibitors from 11 countries;
  • 113 most famous brands;
  • More than 90% of exhibitors presented innovative products;
  • 4476 professionals from all over Russia and 28 countries visited exhibition

Russian National Vending Association Business Dinner

During the international exhibition VendExpo-Russia 2014, which was held in Moscow, there took place another event that is of great importance for the industry – Business Dinner of the Russian National Vending Association (RNVA).

“Vending in Russia is going through a pretty good period: the industry is developing and demonstrating stable growth,” says Viktor Vasilyev, the Chairman of board of directors of RNVA. - “So the dinner as a good ending of the exhibition and joint meeting of the Association definitely contributes to better understanding not only among the like-minded but also among competitors inside the industry.”

On March, 20 over 80 representatives of the top-management of the largest international and Russian operator companies, leaders of European vending associations and top-management of companies producing equipment for vending gathered at the restaurant “Galereya” (“Gallery”). Gillian White and Robert Hausleitner from the Executive Board of EVA also attended the event.   

Boris Belotserkovsky, President of RNVA, and Erwin Wetzel, EVA Director General, began the official part of the Business Dinner with a speech of welcome. Then the sponsors got a unique opportunity to directly present their products to their potential customers.  

“I’m glad that “PepsiCo Holdings” is a member of RNVA,” says Mikhail Gorn, manager of the group that works with key customers of “PepsiCo Holdings”. – “I believe that such events have a positive influence on the development of vending in Russia as you can learn lots of interesting news, share your experience, etc. For instance, on March, 20 I met new people and held some negotiations which will help our company achieve greater success in the nearest future!”

Vending lottery, which was held by the organizers of the event, was a great interest and excitement on the part of the guests. Among the lottery prizes there were packages of ingredients from the sponsors of the Dinner, discount certificates on equipment, online monitoring UNICUM, etc.     

Most of the guests appreciated a friendly atmosphere of the meeting and in spite of the schedule did not leave almost until the restaurant closed. “We need meetings of such kind,” – says Andrey Zagorodnev, Director General of SIBA-Vending – “Any business events are useful for the industry. However, we are not likely to be able to organize such events too often. But it is possible to do it alongside exhibitions. Why don’t we also consider inviting companies which are not members of RNVA to such events?” 

“Business Dinner was organized up to a high standard,” – says Ivan Solomakha, the head of the project “A-Moloko” (“A-Milk”). – “Such meetings are really useful especially now when vending is in the process of its development and not all its “participants” are familiar with each other. The main thing is to prevent this event from turning into one of the “you-must-attend” events. This would nip in the bloom the very idea if informal communication!”

According to the organizers, it’s the first commercial event of such format. The profit was added to RNVA’s budget revenues. “Although RNVA Business Dinner organized for the key representatives of vending is the first event of such format in Russia, it’s proved to be successful,” – says Anton Kolomin, first deputy director of UVENCO. – “As well as the exhibition it has definitely contributed to the further development of vending.”

This year RNVA is going to extend its educational programmes for Russian vending. The Association is considering organizing seminars and trainings for the members of the market on such relevant topics as organization of operation, technical service, taste of coffee, etc.   




Russia’s Vendexpo and EEVEX exhibition projects have announced merger in order to launch the biggest in Eastern Europe professional vending show.


During several years there have been two vending exhibitions annually held in Russia. Both projects gathered significant number of exhibitors and visitors from Russia and overseas. This practice however doesn’t fit European standards, where exhibitions calendar includes only one main vending exhibition per country. In order to integrate Russian national vending exhibition into global European plan EEVEX and VendExpo decided to join efforts in new project, combining the very best from both shows. Representative  participants list of VendExpo will be complemented by EEVEX’s extensive program of seminars and conferences.


“Consolidation of two vending exhibitions is no doubt positive process, influencing further development of Russian vending market” – said Ekaterina Soyak, general director of EMTG (organizer of VendExpo).

VendExpo will be held from 19 to 21 march in Moscow’s Expocenter, Russia





In 2011, nearly the entire vending sector was present at Eu'Vend. The coffee product range was expanded significantly, not least due to the inclusion of coffeena. With a combined total of 237 suppliers from 28 countries, the trade fair duo Eu'Vend and coffeena was well positioned and has thus recorded not only a considerable increase in the number of exhibitors taking part (+25%); the exhibiting companies were also very international (40%).

After three productive days of joint exhibitions, the trade fair duo Eu'Vend and Coffeena recorded a considerable increase in visitor turnout of nearly 16%, 30% of them came from abroad. In 2013, the visitor turnout is predicted to further increase.


The RNVA team worked with selected partners in relevant sectors to ensure that it delivered the very best in vending!