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    The Russian National Vending Association celebrated its 10th anniversary on 20th September 2015. Currently, RNVA incorporates companies representing such business activities as vending itself, machine manufacturing, production and distribution of ingredients and commodities, exhibitions. The companies operate all over Russia. It's a great achievement to reach 10th anniversary. So much has changed within the vending sector, but RNVA has kept true to its goals and core values and making sure it always support its members, and represent of Russian vending at global organizations. This special occasion to be celebrated in style.

    The Russian National Vending Association would like to invite you to attend special Anniversary Vending Business Program, held on 18th September 2015 in Moscow, Russia. It will be a great celebration that will include Special Gala Dinner, RNVA membership meeting business seminars and exclusive vending show program. A broad spectrum of vending topics will be presented by RNVA renowned keynote speakers and leading vending experts. If you are a vending operator or beginning vending entrepreneur, you won't want to miss this program. Every participant will get a real chance to talk to vending market business tycoons and leading experts. You'll learn success stories, practical advices and real cases, details that are not covered in business magazines. You'll also get the chance to make valuable connections with suppliers and get an exclusive look at the products that can help grow your business.

    Don't miss all special events related to a 10th RNVA anniversary program.

    Program Format 11:00 - 11:30 Registration of participants
    11:45 - 12:45 Vending seminar: building a successful vending operating
    system, vending management solutions
    12:45 - 13:00 Coffee break
    13:00 - 14:00 Vending seminar: industry quality standards the coffee and snack vending machines
    14:00 - 14:15 Coffee break
    14:15 - 15:15 Vending seminar
    15:15 - 15:45 Business lunch
    15:45 - 16:45 Interactive vending seminar: How to compete with large
    vending operating companies
    19:00 - 19:30 RNVA general meeting
    19:30 - 22:30 Gala Dinner

    The cost of the invitation card for seminar program and Gala Dinner - 120 euro per person For additional information about the practical details, registration and accommodation, questions regarding sponsorship, please contact: rnva.events@mail.ru


    Somebody calls Zurich a financial center of the whole Europe.. Others - a very beautiful city with a lake and graceful swans. But nobody did not expect big crowds of coffee-addicts today! People are so positive and open-minded in here. They were just queuing around the block and waiting for their vending cups of coffee all day long, so at the end of the day we were almost run out of coffee ! That is a great result.
    Thank you so much, Zurich ! Now we are going to drive to the southern part of Europe ;)


    CoffeeRun team



    When we arrived to this little city in the early morning - we thought we came to the fairytale "Alice in a Wonderland": so nice and cozy Tulln is, where everybody knows each other and live like a big family.
    Because it was Saturday and there was a big and beautiful fountain just in front of our Coffee-car - we had lot of people coming to us and interested in our free & tasty service.
    Whole families enjoyed our espresso, cappuccino, latte and flat white ! The absolute favourite drink was hot chocolate which we served to kids. They were so happy - that is the real satisfaction to see their smiles and positive reaction of their parents!
    Now we are moving to mountainous and independent Switzerland with and promo-day in Zurich


    CoffeeRun team



    It was a very hot day. When it's 35 outside - nobody wants coffee.. So we came back to the square later in the afternoon and it brought us fantastic success!
    As Vigado place is touristic center - everybody was stopping and trying to understand what is going on there ? Why do we serve free coffee ? Citizens and guests were so surprised of our promo-day that have invited their friends and families then to show our Coffee-car! Of course, the popularity of the project was not only because of the car itself, but also because of the ingredients' high-quality and our smiles (yes, we are very shy :))

    Visit our video-blog page to see more videos from other countries! https://vimeo.com/user22610164/videos
    CoffeeRun team



    The whole day coffee-promotion in Warsaw was held in the new city-center: at the corner of Marszalkowska and Widok streets, just in front of the big shopping center and metro station. We were lucky with the weather - it was a bit cloudy, so perfect for espresso cup or a hot chocolate one, for example.
    The biggest surprise for us was the fact that the most distributing coffee there was mocacсino! Of course there were some businessmen and ladies who prefered just espresso or americano, but the amount of mocaccino we gave away was just unbelievable! Let's see what will happen in Hungary ! Stay tuned! @COFFEERUN__ instagram
    CoffeeRun team



    THE COFFEE RUN 2015 

    Именно так прошел самый первый день проекта ЕВРОПЕЙСКИЙ ВЕНДИНГОВЫЙ КОФЕПРОБЕГ в Москве!
    С самого начала промо-акции 6 июня на Кузнецком мосту у ЦУМа и до ее завершения у кофемобиля толпились люди: любопытство - двигатель нашего времени!
    Было роздано невероятное количество кофе, а мы получили множество позитивных отзывов и радушных улыбок взрослых, подростков и даже маленьких деток. Теперь мы двигаемся дальше, ведь у нас впереди вся Европа! 
    Пожелайте нам удачи и подписывайтесь на нас в инстаграме COFFEERUN__
    That is the way how the very first promotional day of the European Vending Coffeerun went in Moscow!
    From its beginning on the 6th of June at Kuznetskiy most (near TSUM) till the end of the day there were very crowded near the coffee-car: curiosity - the engine of our time!
    An incredible amount of coffee-cups were distributed on that day. We received lots of positive feedbacks and warm smiles from adults, teenagers and even children. Now we can move on as we have the whole Europe ahead! 
    You can also join us during the Coffee-trip at the biggest cities at the route or by following us in instargam COFFEERUN__
    CoffeeRun team

    To point the public attention to the vending industry of 8 European countries, to promote the coffee culture and to deliver a cup of high-quality vending coffee to every single person from Moscow to Manchester - Russian National Vending Association (RNVA) is launching the largest International project ever!

    «We really love good coffee, - RNVA representatives explain the value of new project, - And we love travelling. We gain inspiration from active and creative people, who are eager to change their lives for the better. This summer we would like to present an unprecedented vending coffee promotion - delivering a free cup of great coffee for all people of 10 European capitals! Moreover, we are going to gift souvenirs and brochures with the stories about coffee and its culture worldwide».

    The great journey begins in June, 6 in Moscow and finishes in July, 29 in Manchester, just before the opening of International Vending Exhibition AVEX 2015. The unique coffee-car, equipped with the coffee machines, and the RNVA professional team will visit such cities as Warsaw, Budapest, Vienna, Milan, Madrid, Paris, Cologne and London.

    The European Vending Coffee Run is organized with the support of the European Vending Association (EVA) and in association with seven National Associations. Coffee Run is friendly supported by European and Russian Medias.

    RNVA invites partners to overview the sponsorship packages and opportunities for cooperation.

    For further information, please, contact us via email: info@coffeerun.rnva.ru